In education, the term “Exhibition” refers to projects, presentations, or products through which they have learned, usually as a way or demonstration whether and to what degree they have achieved expected learning standards or learning objectives. An exhibition is typically both a learning experience in itself and a means of evaluating academic progress and achievement. K.D. Public School School conducted a subject wise exhibition, an opportunity for the students to show their keen interest on different subjects.


In this heritage exhibition, many models on different topics such as village scene from Harappan civilization to modern era and geographical features like volcanic eruption, solar system, drainage pattern, means of generating electricity like windmill, electronic boating machine were presented. The students presented India’s Heritage and culture by wearing different dresses of different states.


In science exhibition, science department exhibited their models and charts based on Physics, Chemistry and Biology overoll, 60 working models with charts were prepared.


Maths Exhibition was held with zeal and zest. The students worked hard to make the exhibition successful. This type of efforts was introduced for the first time in the School. The parents and the audience as well admired the most. The models prepared by the students were nice. Every model gave knowledge how to make Mathematics easy.


This exhibition was organised to make the pupils aware of business. Many current topics like our prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s dream project Make in India, Jan Dhan Yojana and others like GDP Industries, RBI, SEBI were displayed with the help of charts and models. Various problems of India like poverty, unemployment, inflation were also presented and their relevant causes. The participation of students was commendable. The visitors were overwhelmed by the presentation of students.


In Computer Science/IT Exhibition, students prepared a website of presentation.


Hindi Exhibition was organised to make the parents clear that the students also give equal importance to Hindi as other subjects. To show their hidden talent in the national language, they showed different puzzles and charts. The students displayed “Learning by doing” by different techniques in it, many poets and authors, literature, grammar etc. were displayed.


In English exhibition the students from class VI to XII showed their interest in English literature by portraying their own concoction like fiction, poetry, article, story etc. All the matter presented by them were really praiseworthy. It emphasized to improve reading skills; that’s why many books category wise were arranged to give the audience a glimpse. There were puzzles, word power, pronunciation, easy learning, how to speak in English phonetic, punctuation, grammar, biography, auto- biography, prose, poetry, drama and many move displayed to mesmerize the audience. The way it was demonstrated to the public by the students made them eccentric.


A Visual Art Exhibition was held in school in which the students displayed their talent in the form of paintings and sculptures. This exhibition was exhibited on the topic like women empowerment, women exploitation, education, clean India, Child exploitation in the society and many more. The parents also equally contributed to make this exhibition a successful. The students were highly applauded for their effortless efforts. This exhibition was itself a challenge so far a school in Bulandshahr is concerned.